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FAQ's:  About Brain Power®

Below are the most common questions we receive regarding the use of Brain Power® for eliminating the processing disorders associated with 1) Brain Injuries, 2) Learning / Developmental Disorders, 3) Aging, as well as General Cognitive Enhancement.


What makes Brain Power® effective in stimulating brain development?

Brain Power® utilizes several research proven training techniques to achieve optimal treatment response.

     1.  Training must be intense to successfully force the brain to develop new neural connections.  Therefore, training must occur on a daily basis.

     2.  Training activities must always remain challenging.

     3.  Inaccurate responses must be corrected immediately so that only accurate processing is reinforced.

     4.  The training activity must be structured in a way to drive the skill to become automatic.

     5.  The training program needs to be individually customized to address the specific cognitive problems that the person is experiencing.

With the frequency, intensity, and duration of treatment provided with Brain Power®, the patient incrementally improves mental processing to the point of being automatic.  Processing speeds are also increased.


What are the primary clinical applications of Brain Power®?

Brain Power® can effectively enhance the brain function of patients with Brain Injuries, Learning / Developmental Disorders, or those seeking General Cognitive Enhancement.


What areas of brain function are effectively treated with Brain Power®?

Brain Power® is the most comprehensive and flexible cognitive skills training program available.  Brain Power® can help treat problems involving:

     1.  Visual Processing

     2.  Auditory Processing

     3.  Speech Articulation

     4.  Language Processing

     5.  Executive Functions

     6.  Visual and Verbal Memory

     7.  Motor Skills

     8.  Basic Math Skills

Each of these areas of training contains as many as 18 training modules and each module has as many as 32 levels.  Brain Power® provides all of the flexibility that a practitioner desires while delivering the intensity and structure that is required for optimal results.


What advantages does Brain Power® offer?

Effectiveness:  Brain Power® is the only program available that can affordably provide the Frequency (daily), Intensity (incrementally challenging), and the Duration (12 weeks) of treatment required to achieve maximum cognitive development.  This is not just a series of “brain” games.  It is a proven and guaranteed treatment platform.

Program Management:  Brain Power® is computer based, delivering consistent patient treatment results, with performance reports accessible online by the Practitioner.  This makes it possible to manage treatment online and verify performance at any time. 

Affordability: Again, because Brain Power® can be administered at the patient's home with the help of a Support Trainer (family member or friend), the patient can receive highly structured cognitive skills training on a daily basis for a small fraction of the cost of conventional clinic based training. 

Flexibility:  Brain Power® is the most comprehensive and flexible cognitive skills training program available.  The Brain Power® program can be structured to fit the needs of each individual patient.

Access:  Because Brain Power® can be operated as a professionally managed home-based treatment program, the Practitioner is not as limited by workstation availability or current support staffing.  Patients can easily achieve the daily treatment regimen within their own home.  With Brain Power®, any patient with a computer and internet service can get affordable and effective treatment


What does it cost to use Brain Power®?

One of the greatest benefits of using Brain Power® is its affordability.  There are no upfront costs or fees involved in downloading the program.  With Brain Power®, you pay as you train.  A one hour training session costs only $5.  Consequently, one month of treatment at home costs only $150, a small fraction of the cost of daily treatment in a clinical setting.  Training session credits are purchased in advance through Brain Power Direct (online) and can be purchased by either the practitioner, the patient, or both.


Is cognitive skills training covered by insurance?®

There is a CPT code (97532) for cognitive skills training that most insurance companies will reimburse for.  However, most insurance companies will only pay for the treatment of a brain injury, not a learning/developmental disorder.  Further, even when treating a brain injury, it can be very difficult to get authorization for the necessary intensity and duration of treatment required to promote maximum recovery.  Brain Power® offers a solution by allowing treatment to be provided at home on a daily basis by a family member and managed remotely by the practitioner.  Insurance reimbursement for periodic office visits for follow-up with the patient to review patient progress is much easier to acquire.


Are the results that are achieved with Brain Power® permanent?

Yes.  Once new neural connections are made, they are now an active and functional part of the person's brain.  Follow-up studies one year after treatment have shown absolutely no loss of cognitive ability.


What are the details of the Brain Power® Performance Guarantee?

The Brain Power® Performance Guarantee provides registered practitioners the guarantee that the Brain Power® Cognitive Skills Training Program will effectively produce measurable cognitive improvement.  To see the details of the Performance Guarantee, please follow this link: Performance Guarantee


Does a Practitioner, Patient, or Support Trainer need to be highly "tech savvy" to use the Brain Power® program?

Although Brain Power®  is a computer based program, the Patient and Support Trainer are not required to have exceptional computer skills.  As long as they have a computer (meeting the system requirements), an internet connection, and the ability to use a mouse and make simple key strokes on the keyboard, they should be able to be 100% proficient using Brain Power®.