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FAQ's: Getting Started With Brain Power®

Below are the most common questions we receive regarding Getting Started with Brain Power®, including those regarding registration, program download, and orientation.


How do I download the Brain Power® program?

It is very simple, and it is absolutely free.  Just go to, "Getting Started" at the top of the screen, and choose "Provider Registration."  Fill out the short registration to establish a User ID and a password.  Next, go back to "Getting Started" and choose “Program Download."  Follow the download instructions in install Brain Power® on your computer.  When you open the Brain Power® program, you will use your e-mail address as your User Name and your password (which you registered with).  You will have 15 days to explore the program and test its functionality in Demonstration Mode.  Note: Demonstration mode is specifically designed for practice, and completing the Trainer Orientation so you can begin using Brain Power® with your patients suffering with processing disorders.


How do I get started using Brain Power® with my patients?

Just go to, "Getting Started", and choose "Overview."  There, you will find complete instructions for how to register.  After you have registered a User ID and password, you should go to the Reference Materials page and download the Brain Power User Manual which will provide detailed instructions for how to navigate through the various parts of the website and the Brain Power® program.


How long will it take for us to integrate Brain Power® into our facility and begin treating patients?

Generally, all six (6) steps required to become certified as a Brain Power® Provider can be completed within a few hours.  That includes Registration, Program Download, completing the Trainer Orientation, and Administrative Set-up.


What is the Trainer Orientation?®

The Trainer Orientation (available to registered providers/users online) provides information about the Brain Power® cognitive skills training program and how to properly provide training to a patient.  While the computer controls much of the treatment delivery, there are aspects of treatment that the "Trainer" or "Support Trainer" are responsible for.  Therefore, it is necessary that they have a full understanding of the skills that they will be training.  To complete the orientation, the Trainer must go to à “Getting Started” à “Trainer Orientation”, and check the "affirmation" at the bottom of the page.  Pushing the "Accept" button then "certifies" the person as a Brain Power® Trainer.  Until this is done, Brain Power® training cannot begin.


How long does it usually take to complete the Trainer Orientation?®

A professional trainer, who needs to understand the use of the entire program, will generally require approximately 2-4 hours to review the material and practice with the program in Demonstration mode.  A Support Trainer really only needs to complete those portions of the Trainer Orientation that pertain to the parts of the program they will be using with the patient.  Typically, this should require no more than 2 hours.


How do I know that a Support Trainer is ready to train?®

You may want to meet with the Support Trainer after they have completed the Trainer Orientation and checked off the attestation box, in order to discuss any questions they may have.  You may also want to have them perform their first training session with the patient at your office with you present, focusing on those training tasks that the Support Trainer may be feeling unsure of.  At any time you have a concern about a Support Trainer’s understanding of how to appropriately perform training, we recommend that you have them conduct a training session at your office with you present.


What are Training Credits?®

Each Training Credit covers one hour of cognitive skills training.  These are purchased in advance, through Brain Power Direct (online), by a registered Provider or by the Patient/Support Trainer.  One hour training sessions are provided against the training credits that are on account for the registered Provider or Patient/Support Trainer.  A warning is provided when the number of training credits on account run low.