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General Cognitive Enhancement / Anti-Aging

General Cognitive Enhancement / Anti-Aging:


Enhance and Maintain Cognitive Abilities; 

A long-standing (false) belief in the neurosciences had been that intelligence (IQ) is innate and “hardwired” in the brain from birth.  Consequently, it had been believed that little could be done to create significant changes in how the brain functions.  Similarly, aging and gradual loss of mental abilities was thought to be normal and that there was little that could be done to stop it.

However, current research in the neurosciences has demonstrated that the brain is capable of making significant physiological and functional changes if stimulated in the proper way.  Recent research has demonstrated that a process called neuroplasticity can occur if cognitive skills training tasks are structured properly.  Consequently, it is now possible to effectively fight the aging processing and maintain cognitive abilities.

The Brain Power® cognitive skills training program is the most comprehensive and sophisticated program currently available. It is comprised of over 60 training modules in the areas of auditory processing, visual processing, visual motor skills, attention and concentration, impulse control, language processing, reasoning and memory.  Brain Power® is very different from any other program being offered to improve cognitive functioning and fight the aging process.  Brain Power® is designed for maximum cognitive development and is more comprehensive, challenging and effective because it was developed based on the most recent cognitive research on treating brain injuries and enhancing brain function.  There is no more effective program available anywhere.  (see Product & Services Menu).