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Learning/Developmental Disorders
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Learning/Developmental Disorders:

  Learning disabilities, ADHD and other developmental disorders are very prevalent in the population.
  • 5-10% of the population are affected by learning disabilities (LD).
  • Up to 10% of the population has Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • LD and ADHD often co-exist on the same person.
  • High school drop out rates are alarmingly high:
    • 44.9% for women with LD compared to 16.5% of women without LD.
    • 57.6% for men with LD compared to 15.3% of men without LD.

It is impossible to calculate the long term impacts that developmental disorders have on individuals and their families.  Suffice it to say, that the impact does not end with school performance and dropout rates.


Learning Disorder

Treat The Cognitive Deficit (rather than the symptoms):

Clearly, learning disorders and ADHD can have a devastating effect on a child’s future.  It certainly makes sense that if a child (or adult) with a learning disorder has a weakness in one or more thinking (processing) skills, that one would treat the cognitive deficits directly rather than merely trying to provide additional instruction in the academic area where the student is currently struggling.  Yet additional instruction is the routine approach of most public school special education departments, private tutors and retail learning centers (treating current symptoms rather than the neurological problem). That is why many families end up very disappointed in the results when they pursue these solutions.  Often, once a child is in a special education system (RSP pullout assistance or special day class), they remain in the system for the remainder of their years in school (while their academic performance remains lackluster).  They are merely "given support" until they graduate.

The long-standing belief in the academic world has been that learning disabilities and intelligence (IQ) are innate and “hardwired” in the brain from birth.  Consequently, the primary approach to treating learning disabilities has been to either; 1) provide intensive drilling of an academic skill, or 2) identify teaching techniques which can “teach around” the processing disorder that is the cause of the learning problem.

However, current research in the neurosciences has demonstrated that the brain is capable of making significant physiological and functional changes if stimulated in the proper way.  This process, called neuroplasticity, can be maximized if the cognitive skills training tasks are structured properly.  While other programs (directed at treating processing and cognitive disorders) have resulted in selective improvement, their protocols have usually been inconsistent in frequency, intensity, and duration, with their overall results being unpredictable.  Brain Power® was engineered to provide the optimal structure, with the frequency, intensity, and duration of treatment required for maximum cognitive development (daily 1-hour sessions, incrementally challenging, for 12+ weeks).  Consequently, it is now possible to effectively treat the processing and cognitive deficits which are the underlying cause of learning disorders.

The Brain Power® cognitive skills training program is the most comprehensive and sophisticated program currently available.  It is comprised of over 60 training modules in the areas of auditory processing, visual processing, visual motor skills, attention and concentration, impulse control, language processing, reasoning and memory.  The auditory processing modules are also effective in treating articulation disorders.  

Once a child’s processing/cognitive disorder has been corrected, they will be ready to receive maximum benefit from later tutoring and academic instruction.  Further, once the processing/cognitive disorder has been treated, a child will be able to keep pace academically with his or her peers in the future.  Children no longer needs to struggle with a learning disability their entire life.  Brain Power® will allow you to directly treat a child’s learning disorder.

While Brain Power® treatment is often "managed" directly by professionals in the fields of neuropsychology and education (Locate a Brain Power Provider), the Brain Power® program's computer platform makes it  possible for a family member to provide cognitive skills training for the patient at home.  This is important because there are often physical, financial, and insurance limitations that prevent intensive rehabilitation in a clinical setting.  Brain Power® is affordable, which allows treatment to be provided as long as the patient needs it.  The Brain Power® cognitive skills training program is computerized, highly structured and user friendly.  By completing our free video-based Trainer Orientation program, a family member will be able to effectively provide the treatment a child (or adult) suffering with a Learning Disorder needs. 

Note:  In order to create the patient's Brain Power® treatment plan, it is important to assess the patient's clinical needs.  In the case of learning/developmental disorders, there are often assessments generated by the school district that can help with planning.  If not available, we offer SymptomTrac; a free symptom-based assessment to assist with treatment planning.  Of course, when practical we recommend that Professional Administration be utilized to assist with assessment, treatment planning, and post-treatment assessment.  We are happy to help you evaluate your treatment options (Contact Us).