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FAQ's: Technical Questions

Below are the most common questions we receive regarding system requirements and technical issues.


What are the minimum system requirements to run the Brain Power® program?

Processor  :

RAM  :

Hard Drive  :

Operational System  :

                           Screen Resolution  :

 Intel Pentium 4
 1.80GHz Processor or
 AMD Athlon™ 64
 2800+ processor (minimum)

 1GB or more

 500 MB Free Space

 Requires Windows XP or later.  Mac users should contact Customer Service (see question #2 below)

1280 x 800 minimum


Can Brain Power® be run on an iMac?

Brain Power® was specifically written for operation within the Windows operating system.  Nevertheless, Brain Power® can be run on an iMac if the following conditions are met:

  1.  The iMac is using an Intel processor.  (This appears to be the standard for a new iMac).

  2.  The iMac operating system needs to be Snow Leopard (this is the current operating system for a new iMac).

  3.  Boot Camp needs to be installed (free software) as the interface between Windows and the iMac hardware.

  4.  Windows 7 Professional needs to be purchased and installed. 

  5.  We recommend that iMac users contact Apple Support to verify all of this information.

Please note: To date, we have received positive feedback from iMac users.  We welcome feedback on the use of Brain Power® on Apple Products.


I only have a dial-up Internet connection.  Is that a problem?®

The only way this could be an issue is when you initially try to download the program, which is relatively large (approximately 500 MB).  Using a dial-up Internet connection, it will take several hours to download the program and, unless you adjust the settings of your computer, your dial-up connection may "timeout" before the download is completed due to inactivity.  If you run into this problem, you can either download the program on another computer that has high-speed Internet and burn the program to a CD, or contact Brain Power® Customer Support and we can send a CD of the program to any registered user.

Operationally, a dial-up Internet connection works fine.  The program resides and operates locally on your computer and only requires an Internet connection to activate a training session and to send the results of your training activity to the Brain Power® server database.  The speed of the Internet connection is irrelevant for these functions.  On the other hand, you could have problems watching the Tutorial Videos that are an important part of the Trainer Orientation process.  You may need to access a high speed internet connection to watch the videos prior to patient training.


I'm having problems logging into the Brain Power® Program, receiving various error messages?®

The most common problem associated with login is the case sensitivity of the password.  The only other problem that has been reported is from individuals using the 2Wire wireless modem/router sold by AT&T (and supplied with their internet service).  Although AT&T has yet to formally acknowledge that there is a problem with their 2Wire wireless modem/router, there is plenty of documentation that this modem has compatibility problems with Brain Power® and other applications.  We have demonstrated that replacing the 2Wire wireless modem/router solves the problem.  We replaced the 2Wire modem/router with the Linksys X2000 wireless modem/router, and the Netgear 2000 and they functioned perfectly with Brain Power® (while utilizing AT&T's DSL service).  With that said, are not specifically endorsing any specific unit, as there are many excellent manufacturers out there.  What is clear is that anybody using the AT&T 2wire router should replace it.

5. ®

While logging into the Brain Power® program, I received a message that an upgrade is available.  What should I do?

We are continually upgrading the Brain Power® program.  This notice indicates that we have released a new version of Brain Power® or a simple patch has been released to update your existing version of the program.  When prompted, simply say "Yes" if you want the free upgrade.  We recommend that you always stay current with the most recent upgrade.  When you run the installer (after download) you will be given instructions.  In the case of a new version release, you may be asked to uninstall your current version of Brain Power® prior to installing the new one.  In the case of patches, you will just run the patch to update your current version (for instance version 2.1 would update to version 2.1.1).  We also have available for download all patches for the current version of Brain Power® in the Reference Materials library.


After upgrading to a newer version of Brain Power® the program won't open / spontaneously closes?

When operating Windows 7 (& Vista), some users have experienced a problem with an AppData file remaining after the uninstall of their previous version of Brain Power®.  This file is created by Windows and can prevent the new version of Brain Power® from opening or can cause spontaneous crashes within the program.  In order to correct this, you must locate the file and delete it; 

1.  Open the C Drive

2.  Open Users

3.  Open the file with the primary username (that has Administrator priviledges) used to log into the computer.

4.  Open the AppData folder*

5.  Open the Local folder

6.  Open the VirtualStore file

7.  Open the Program Files (x86) file

8.  If you see a Brainpower file.  Delete this file.  This could be the source of your problem.

* If you cannot see the AppData folder, it is hidden from view.  To change this, go to the Control Panel and Select Folder Options.  Click the View tab and highlight "Show hidden files, folders, and drives."  Push the Apply button to save the changes so you can complete the process above (steps 1 - 8).

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT delete the "VitualStore" file itself.  Just the BrainPower file within it.


Who do I contact if I experience technical problems while using Brain Power®?