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Brain Power® Registration: Professional Provider or Independent Home User?

Please select the appropriate link below to become a registered user of the Brain Power® Program...


çPress this link to register as a Professional Brain Power® Provider.  This is the appropriate registration for professionals wanting to manage patient treatment, enjoying the capacity to set up multiple patient accounts, treatment plans, and monitor progress 24/7 (hospitals, neuropsychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, school psychologists, special education departments, etc.).  There is no cost to become a Professional Provider, as the patient pays for the program access prior to training.




çPress this link to register as an Independent Brain Power® Home User.  This is the appropriate registration for individuals desiring to use the Brain Power® program independently (without professional oversight).  This is the logical choice for those who prefer to train independently or simply do not have a Professional Provider accessible.   Since Brain Power® is a home-based training program, registering as an independent Home User is a logical way to attain clinical results… even without professional oversight.  Just register (and purchase Brain Power® access), complete the FREE Trainer Orientation (videos), refine your treatment plan, and get started training.  It’s that easy!


Important Note (For Patients working with a Professional Provider):  You should not register independently on this site if your training is being managed by a Professional Provider.  They will set you up as a patient within their Provider Organization and have 24/7 access to your training account.  If a professional has simply recommended the program to you (for you to work independently), you should register as a Home User (above).