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Brain Power® Product & Services

We are pleased to describe and offer the following products and services.  Any questions should be directed to Customer Service: 559-408-5804

Brain Power® Cognitive Skills Training Program

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  Brain Power® is a computer and internet based program that is designed to stimulate neuroplasticity and neurological development in the human brain.  Applications for Brain Power® include the treatment of Brain Injuries, Learning / Developmental Disorders, as well as General Cognitive Enhancement.  It is FREE to Register and Download the Brain Power® Program (overview), with costs being incurred during actual use of the program in the patients home.  (Normal treatment is 1 hour per day for 12 weeks)

Price:  $5.00 per Treatment Hour/Day

Brain Power® Provider - Professional Administration

  Although Brain Power® is a self contained computer and internet based program, the patient does benefit from Professional Administration, guaranteeing maximum benefit from the program.  Proper patient assessment and treatment planning are a key to program success, as is post-treatment assessment to verify the results and the possible need for further targeted treatment.  Although not required, we highly recommend that Home Users of the Brain Power® Program work with a Brain Power® Provider to supply Professional Administration.  We offer a Performance Guarantee with the Brain Power® Program when professionally administered to recommended standards.  We are happy to help you Locate A Provider in your local area.

Price:   Contact Local Brain Power® Provider For Estimate/Rates

Brain Power® Direct - Consultation & Professional Administration

(Details Coming Soon)

  Brain Power Direct offers consultation services to Brain Power® Providers as well as Brain Power® Home Users.  Services can be contracted for clinically-oriented, professional consultation (with a BPD Neuropsychologist).  Soon, we will be offering Professional Administration Services as well.  This service is offered for those patients who do not have access to a local Brain Power® Provider, but desire to use  Brain Power® with Professional Administration.  For more information on Brain Power Direct's Consultation and Administration Services, click here.

Price:   More Details Coming Soon