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Brain Power® Support:

If you have questions regarding Brain Power®, you can save considerable time by exploring the library of information linked on this page.  First off, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) contains answers to our most common questions.  Our Video Tutorial Library (coming soon) includes tutorial demonstrations and informative insights.  If you do not find the information you desire here, please feel free to Contact Us and we will help you get your answers.  We are here to help...

Brain Power® Support

Watch A Tutorial Video: 

A)  Welcome To Brain Power® (Testimonials) - Click Here

B)  Getting Started With Brain Power® - Click Here

C)  Cognitive Skills Training - Click Here

D)  Brain Power® Basics - Click Here

E)  General Training Guidelines - Click Here

F)  Administrative Management - Click Here

G)  Training  Domains - An Introduction - Coming Soon

H)  Trainer Certification & Support - Click Here

     Training Domain Videos: (watch prior to training)

     1)  Visual Processing - Click Here    

     2)  Auditory Processing - Coming Soon

     3)  Fine &  Gross Motor Skills - Coming Soon

     4)  Executive Functions (Parts 1,2,3) - Click Here

     5)  Language Processing - Click Here

     6)  Memory Skills - Click Here  

     7)  Basic Math Skills - Click Here  

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