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We Want You To Be A Knowledgeable User Of The Brain Power Program!

Prior to certification, we recommend that all Brain Power® Providers, Trainers, and Support Trainers watch all of the Trainer Orientation Videos listed below, as well as the Training Domain Tutorial Videos applicable to patient training...

Watch All Of Our Trainer Orientation Videos

A)  Welcome To Brain Power® (Testimonials) - Click Here

B)  Getting Started With Brain Power® - Click Here

C)  Cognitive Skills Training - Click Here

D)  Brain Power® Basics - Click Here

E)  General Training Guidelines - Click Here

F)  Administrative Management - Click Here

G)  Training  Domains - An Introduction - Coming Soon

H)  Trainer Certification & Support - Click Here

     Training Domain Tutorial Videos: (watch appropriate videos prior to training)

     1)  Visual Processing - Click Here    

     2)  Auditory Processing - Coming Soon

     3)  Fine &  Gross Motor Skills - Coming Soon

     4)  Executive Functions (Parts 1,2,3) - Click Here

     5)  Language Processing - Click Here    

     6)  Memory Skills - Click Here  

     7)  Basic Math Skills - Click Here  

Video Tutorials