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Brain Injury
Learning Disorders


Learning / Developmental Disorders:

The following data was gathered at the Brain Power Learning Center, over a four year period, where children and adults underwent 12 weeks of cognitive skills training for the treatment of their processing disorders.  This data represents the change in processing abilities that were impaired prior to the start of training.  A Standard Score has a Mean (Average) of 100 and the Average range is 90-110.  As can be seen, with only a couple of exceptions, all scores improved to the Average range.  Further, additional gain could be made with further training.  There was no indication that individuals were plateauing in their response to training.

Learning Disorders

  While there has been a great deal of research concerning cognitive skills training for the treatment of brain injuries, little research has been published pertaining to the treatment of learning disorders as this is a new area of application for this type of treatment.

1)  The Effects of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Techniques for Enhancing the Cognitive/Intellectual Functioning of Seventh and Eighth Grade Children

Bracy, O.L.,  Oakes, A.L.,  Cooper, R.S., Watkins, D., Watkins, M., Brown, D.E., Jewell, C.
Cognitive Technology, 4 (1), 19-27 (1999)

The use of brain injury rehabilitation techniques for the development of foundational cognitive skills in the general population of school children was evaluated.   A significant increase in intellectual functioning was found in the group that received computer-assisted cognitive skills training.